Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carrots! (and some parsnips)

I know that I've been a lazy bum and I haven't added anything to the blog in a while, but how interesting would it be to say "Hey, I weeded again today... same as a week ago..." and "here's a picture of my weeded garden."
So I've been harvesting the carrots for the last few weeks and they have been excellent. Some are a bit funny looking, like the one above, but most only have one main root. They are a bit stumpier looking than the ones that you find in the store, but they taste great! They are definitely crisper than the ones available in stores, probably because by the time that I buy them they are already a few days old.
The parsnips, on the other hand, haven't given me as big of a yield as the carrots have. The one pictured above is a bit nicked up because I had to dig a bit to get it out of the ground.
I chopped these two up and steamed them together for dinner tonight.

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