Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apple tree blossoms and columbine flowers

So here's a picture of the apple tree in my backyard:

In the past few days it's blossoms are opening up.  They're beautiful!  Below are some pictures of them:

Also, I have found numerous bluebell plants throughout the yard.  Here are some with lemon balm growing around them:

This is my columbine plant that I bought at the expo a couple of weeks ago.  It's flowers are opening up.  I was hoping for a blue and white star pattern, like you see on Colorado license plates, but I like this mauve color, too.

My two blueberry plants seem to be surviving so far (the new one that I just planted is the one on the left).


  1. Nice pictures. I have some friends from Oregon, and it sounds like a wonderful place. Enjoy it. I think the columbine looks like one of the double ones I bought a few years back. It is a pinkish mauve rosish looking flower--not much like native columbines at all. I bought some seeds again (McKana's Mix)this year and they are started in the GH. Columbines will reseed readily unless you use a weed preventer treatment.

  2. Very Good. How big does the tree need to become before it produces apples? My very small tree is flowering. Will it yield?
    Many Thanks