Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carrots, parsnips, spinach, and beets are in the ground

Last Sunday I put my seeds for carrots, parsnips, spinach, and beets in the ground.  Above is a picture of the holes I poked for the carrots.  I planted the carrots along the south edge, the parsnips along the north edge, the beets along the east edge, and the spinach along the west edge bordering the herbs.  As these seeds (hopefully) start popping up I will plant rows of the same plant behind them working towards the middle of the plot.
In some places I had to push down really hard to make those indents.  This is because there is a lot of clay in the soil.  I spread a thin layer of compost from the Earth Machine all over the rest of the plot.  It hasn't been very rainy in the last week, so I need to make sure I water everything before I head off to work. 

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