Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last weekend in March

Okay, so here's the update on what I did last weekend:
  • Poured potting soil into three large pots
  • Put herbs into the ground
  • Weeded
Ripley destroyed my catnip plant so I purchased a new one while I was out buying another bag of potting soil.  I planted it next to the lavender so maybe that will keep him away from it.

I did not plant the tomatoes yet.  I will grow them inside first.  I have a room upstairs in my house that gets all the afternoon sun and is warmer than the other rooms.

The weather has been nice and rainy lately (typical weather for Portland for this time of the year).  This has kept the ground moist.  I also hope that it has helped leach the nutrients from the fertilizer into the ground.  So far, the garden still smells like fish.  It's not too unpleasant, but I hope that this goes away soon.


  1. How do you know that it was Ripley who destroyed the catnip plant?

  2. There are some other cats in the neighborhood, but Ripley is very protective of the yard so I doubt he would let another cat hang around long enough to eat the plant.