Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay, first of all, I figured out how to add pictures again.  Apparently the pop-up blocker on Safari conflicted with Blogger's image application.  When I turn off the pop-up blocker then the image application works fine.
So above is a picture of the Earth Machine's compost output.  It looks like some good stuff: nice, rich, and dark.  Once a week I take out as much as I can from the bottom, spread it around the plot, and water it down.  The Earth Machine's website said to mix up and aerate the contents frequently, so I stir the contents with the other end of a rake about every other day.  I've been adding all the weeds that I pull out to the raw mix on top.  But now I'm wondering if this is a bad thing to do because I might just be adding seeds to it.  Hmm... I'll do some research on this later.
I talked to my roommates about the Earth Machine.  They knew that it was there, but they think that it's in a bad the location in the yard.  Earth Machines are made of black plastic so they heat up in the sun.  The added heat speeds up the composting process.  The previous homeowners hid this Earth Machine in a shady spot.  So it still works, but if we move it to a sunnier spot it might work even better.   We'll see if we can agree on a new location.

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