Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hardy Plant Society of Oregon's Spring Plant Sale and Garden Festival

This weekend was the Hardy Society's Garden Festival up at the Expo Center.  There weren't any huge displays at the show - it was mostly venders from the area.  Below is three plants that I bought:

From left to right: lemon verbena, columbine, and jersey blueberry.  I was talking a vender who was selling blueberry plants and she said that it is best to have more than one plant so the two can cross-pollinate and thus produce more berries.  I planted my new blueberry plant next to the jubilee one that I found.  The jubilee is a shorter plant and the jersey is going to be about six to seven feet tall so I hope that they will work well together.
I planted the lemon verbena with my other herbs on the western side of my plot.  I purchased the columbine because it reminded me of Colorado (the columbine is the state flower and it's pretty much all over the state) and I planted it next to last year's herb garden.

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